Please contact Sarah Holding on 01494 445815 or if you would like to commission specific training for your School or Organisation.

Please contact Julia Tomkins on 01494 358015 or for details of Aspire Learning Alliance Training.


Deployment of Support

How do you book a Specialist Leader in Education?

If a school or commissioner is interested in securing some support for staff – either individually or in groups – or to support school improvement, please contact Sarah Holding on 01494 445815 or

There will be an initial scoping discussion ,usually in the form of a meeting, and the school or commissioner will then be sent an Aspire Learning Alliance Request Form , which will be the initial record of the agreed support.  As part of that initial discussion, the form of reporting will be agreed, whether it is ongoing progress reporting or a final summative report, alongside an agreement regarding the number of days of support, timescales and whether an Action Plan is required.

The assigned Specialist Leader in Education or, as appropriate the National Leader in Education, will then make contact with the nominated school colleague (in person or by phone) to confirm details of the support work needed, timescales and to book dates.

At the end of the deployment the school will be required to complete a Feedback Form to return to Aspire Learning Alliance.

An invoice for work will be sent to the school.




£350 per day for a Specialist Leader in Education

£550 per day for a National Leader in Education

Please note that action planning and report writing will also need to be costed.

If you would like to discuss any school-to-school support or CPD, please contact Sarah Holding on 01494 445815 or